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Everything you need to get Greek Visa and Residence

Greek Easy offers a complete package of services for the international individual that wants to relocate or get established in Greece. The first step is to get Greek Visa in order to enter Greece and then obtain a five (5) years renewable residence permit, by deploying a team of experts ready to accommodate and resolve any aspect of the project.

Everything you need to get Greek Citizenship

Greek Easy offers Greek Citizenship to the international individual that wants to get established in Greece and travel without a VISA to Europe. Must reside in Greece for seven (7) consecutive years prior to the date of application and our expert team ensures that the international individual gets a Greek ID and a Greek Passport within one (1) year.

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We are a team composed of experienced people that provide real estate, legal, tax and concierge services to international clients that target exclusive and profitable investment opportunities (how to get greek visa and/or five year residence permit) and easy solutions in Greece.

Our team locates, negotiates, consults, provides on behalf of/for/to our international clients.

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Our diverse specialised team focuses on your every need as to investing and lifestyle solutions, easy.

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Our team takes all the hassle out of owning, maintaining, developing your investment property or business.

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As a client, you have the opportunity to be treated with a supreme 24 hours personal service, 7 days a week by highly experienced lifestyle agents, while considering your investment plans.